Volunteer Hours/Background Check

FWISD has adopted a new system (VOLY) for logging volunteer hours.  https://fwisd.voly.org/  This website will allow you to input and edit your volunteer hours as well as view a running total of your hours for the academic year!
NOTE: In order to volunteer at the school you will need to fill out a volunteer application and submit to a background check.



In response to parent feedback, FWISD has adopted a new volunteer website (https://fwisd.voly.org/). This system will allow you to obtain your background check, track your total hours for the year and submit/amend individual volunteer events. You will begin by creating a VOLY account. Once you have created your account, you will come to a screen where you can submit an application and give your consent to a background check (required for all FWISD volunteers). Below are instructions on becoming a registered volunteer and logging your volunteer hours.


Prior to volunteering at the school, you will need to complete the volunteer application online at the VOLY website:


There are three steps to this process:

  1. Complete the online application. Be sure to check the box indicating that you consent to a background check in order to volunteer. You will need to consent to this background check every year in order to volunteer. You will receive an email from volunteer@fwisd.org when your application has been submitted.
  2. Once your application has been submitted, you will need to view the Orientation slides. You can find these on the website by clicking the “My Applications” tab and selecting “Orientation” on the left hand menu. When you reach the final slide, you will be prompted to enter your name and the current date to indicate that you have viewed the orientation documents.
  3. Finally, select “Background Check” from the left hand menu and complete the required information and click “Submit.”

You will receive a confirmation email from volunteer@fwisd.org once your background check is complete and your application has been approved. At this point you are able to volunteer on campus and manage your hours on the VOLY website.


  • Volunteering at home, at school during or outside of school hours

You will need to log hours manually in the VOLY website using the following steps:

  1. Login to the VOLY website at http://fwisd.voly.org/
  2. Locate the “My Dashboard” tab on the top right corner of the main page.
  3. Click on the “My Hours” tab in your Dashboard.
  4. Click on the “Log Hours” icon.
  5. Click on the second option, “Log hours for somewhere else that I volunteered” (unless you volunteered at an event that is on the district calendar, which should be rare).
  6. Complete the required information (indicated by a red asterisk) and be sure to type “Alice Carlson ALC” for the location of your volunteer work.
  7. Under “Tell Us More About The Organization” I have been putting the role in which I volunteered (e.g., Volunteer Coordinator, PTA)
  8. Click on “Save Hours” once your information is complete.
  • Should you need to amend your hours, or any other information concerning this event, you can do so in the VOLY website. See instructions below on “Amending Volunteer Hours.”

Note that you can also export your hours from the My Hours tab, should this be of interest to you.


You can review your volunteer hours by locating the “My Hours” tab on the Dashboard at the top of the page. This section will show your individual volunteer events as well as a running log of your total hours for the academic year.

  1. Under the “My Hours” tab you will see a list of your volunteer events.
  2. Click “Edit” to change the information for the event you need to correct. This will bring up a small box for you to increase/decrease the number of hours you volunteered. Note that you cannot amend any other information.
  3. Amending the hours will create a new volunteer record with the correct hours. You will need to delete the old record by selecting “delete” to the right of the event.


VOLY will send you weekly email recaps of your usage and volunteer email alerts by default. If you would like to opt out of the emails, you will need to update your profile under the “My Profile” tab. Your profile can also be made private and you can choose a profile picture under this tab as well. Be sure to explore this tab to manage your profile settings.

You can also search district-wide volunteer events on this website as well. If this is of interest to you, be sure click on the “Opportunities” tab on the VOLY main page.


Call 817-814-2070 Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm to speak with a FWISD volunteer specialist or email volunteer@fwisd.org.

Email Brie Diamond, Volunteer Coordinator, at briediamond@gmail.com with any questions or input!