School Supplies

Our school is unique and our teachers have specific supplies for applied learning that they request for their classrooms each school year, therefore, the PTA purchases ALL the school supplies for each classroom and only charges parents per student. we ask that families purchase supplies through the PTA.

School supplies are $40 per student, for the year.

The fee of $40 per student does not actually cover the cost of supplies. The PTA absorbs the difference in price. This year, we do not anticipate that we will be able to get the back-to-school deals that we have in the past even in purchasing in bulk. So, although we raised the budget for school supplies, we do recognize that since all purchasing will be done online, we may be spending that entire budget, if not more. We are NOT raising the school supply fee this year due to COVID-19 effects on family income.
We are trying to be smart with the funds the PTA has designated for purchasing school supplies. We are online shopping, but waiting to find out what school will look like this year. We plan to get with the teachers once the opening of the school plan is in place and get those essential supplies. Teachers will also be able to let the PTA know of additional supplies that may be needed as the year progresses, as we have done in the past.
Price: $ 40.00
$ 0.00