Purple Week: Nov. 15-19

November 15-19, 2021

We will have a very special week for PURPLE WEEK! You may be asking, “What is Purple Week?” At Carlson, we want awareness weeks to be both fun and meaningful for our students. Students will learn about wellness as a BLUE Zone School and drug prevention for our own RED Ribbon Week. Combining these two will be a great week of PURPLE learning! You may dress up for the week following the themes below. Let’s go PURPLE November 15th-19th!

Monday: Purple Week Kick-off- Wear Purple!

Tuesday: You Have the Power to Be Drug-Free! Wear a Hero T‐shirt.

Wednesday: Coyotes are healthy from the inside out! Wear your shirt inside out.

Thursday: Stay Active, Stay Healthy. School Appropriate Activewear.

Friday: Our School is Drug-Free – School Spirit Day!