Volunteer Hours

We have adopted a new system (Virtual Volunteer) for logging volunteer hours. This website will allow you to input and edit your volunteer hours as well as view a running total of your hours for the academic year!

If volunteering during school office hours (7:30am-3:30pm) your hours will be logged automatically by checking in and out with the front office. They can be viewed and edited at the website linked below.

If volunteering off campus or outside of school office hours, you will log your hours manually at the following website:

Click here to log or view your volunteer hours

Need Help? View the Volunteer Hours Instructions

NOTE: In order to volunteer at the school you will need to fill out a volunteer application and submit to a background check at the following website:


When your background check is complete, you will receive an approval email. This email contains a password that you can use to access the Virtual Volunteer website and log/view your hours.

Address additional questions concerning volunteer hours to Lisa Smant @ volunteers@alicecarlsonpta.com