Open PTA Positions for 2021-2022 School Year

PTA Positions for 2021-2022 School Year

(Positions in BOLD are open and will be voted on)

Email Jessica Clanton at if you are interested in any open positions and would like the job description, and/or if you have any questions.

Board Positions Elected Officers

President- Amy Groat

1st VP Membership- Sarah Crow

2nd VP Fundraising- Courtney Tulbert

3rd VP Programs- Brittany Holmes

4th VP Parent Involvement- Amber Murphy

Secretary- Danielle Biser

Treasurer- Sheryl Morgan

Board Positions Approved by Board

Parliamentarian-Trisha Garcia-Keeping

Communications Chair- Jennifer Olson

Park for the Arts Chair- Patrick Gaither

Auction Chair- Dionna Deardorff

Coordinator Positions (appointed and approved by PTA Board)

Park for the Arts Game Day Coordinator-Sanjay Konur

Room Parent Coordinator- Kristen Riggsby

Homecoming Coordinators-Cheryl Potemkin, Amanda Heffley, and Kate Thomas

Terrific Thursday Coordinator-Cheryl Mouser

Yearbook Coordinators- Jennifer Olson & Ann DiPomazio

Carlson Closet Coordinator- Eliza Salas

Kinder Liaisons- Dixie Johnson, Natalie & Matt Miller

Author Visit Coordinator- Nicole Duvall

Spirit Store Coordinators- Caitie Brown & Carina Tovar

Spirit Night Coordinator- Amanda Bailey

Healthy Lifestyles Coordinators- Eliza Salas & Camille Adams

PTA Council Delegate- Kara Denizard

Book Fair Coordinators- Amy Groat & Sarah Crow

Directory Coordinator- Kim Turner

Welcome to Carlson Brunch Coordinators- Lisa Smant, Kate Thomas, Rebel Chapa, & Kara Denizard

School Supplies Coordinator- Tamara McCreary

            School Supplies Purchasers- Lindsay Klatzkin & Courtney Hendrix

School Supplies Payment- Lacey Kruger

Dad Pack Coordinator- Josh Riggsby