Open PTA Positions 2020/2021

Even though we are not in school, the PTA board is still working behind the scenes and preparing for next school year. Per, PTA laws, I have listed all PTA board positions below. You will find the open board positions for next school year in bold. All other board members have agreed to continue their role for a second year. However, if you are interested in running in an election for one of those offices, please let me know. I have also listed non-board related PTA positions. If you are interested in any of these roles, please email Christina Dodson at for more information and details.
*It is a requirement that you are a current PTA member to take on any PTA positions.

Just a friendly reminder that we still have PTA positions that we need filled. Please consider!

VP Parent Involvement



Park for the Arts Chair

Council Delegate

Spirit Store Coordinator –

We have 1 parent that has volunteered (thank you Heather Teems), but we need at least 1 more.

Yearbook –

We need at least 2 parents…3 would be better.

(If we do not have volunteers for yearbook, we will not have a yearbook- how sad would that be!?!)