Auction Volunteers Needed

Alice Carlson has an AMAZING auction each year in the Spring. The auction is one of the biggest fundraisers the PTA does. The money the PTA raises goes toward things like supplies for teachers, field trip money and so much more. We have also raised money in the past for things like the playground awning and the chromebook carts. Class Project, Class Baskets and Parties are all sold at the auction. Each class has representatives responsible for getting the project and basket done, we also ask that each class have families donate parties. Below is detailed info about each of these sign ups:
Class Projects
Each class is responsible for putting together a project done by the kids (with adult help). This 2-parent team will facilitate gathering donations for supplies, coordinating with the teacher when to work on the project with the class, and completing the project by Spring Break. Class project examples from previous years include platters, growth charts, yard games and pieces of art.
Auction Baskets
This 2-parent team will collect theme related items from classroom families, and assemble items in a basket to be raffled off the night of auction. Possible themes include Date Night, Tailgating, Spa Day and Movie Night.
Parties (done after Auction)
Parties are donated by parents, most of the time several parents co-host the party. Parents are responsible for planning, hosting, and communicating with those who purchase the tickets from auction.
There are 3 different type parties:
Parent Party –Parents are encouraged to co-host a party with other parents. Parties can be any theme or event. The tickets to your party will be bought at the auction by party goers. Some fun parties from previous years have been the Magnolia Stroll, Great Gatsby Party and Adult Field Day.
Kids Party – Parents are encouraged to co-host a party for kids in a specific grade. Tickets to the party will be sold at the auction and can be purchased for your kids. Some examples from previous years are the second-grade roller rink party or a first-grade popsicle party.
Family Party – Families are encouraged to co-host parties that involve activities for families. Tickets to each party will be sold at the auction. Some Family party examples are Mother/Son Dodge Ball, Father/Daughter Dance and Family Bike Day
**Party themes, Baskets, and Projects are due by Spring Break**
Feel free to contact Danielle Biser with any questions.