Carlson Mindful Mondays

Healthy Lifestyles would like to introduce Mindful Mondays, our new service club. Carlson Morning Mindfulness is now a service club!! Service clubs are different clubs that serve the school in many ways that grades 3-5 can sign up to do at the beginning of the year. They meet each Friday and serve. If your child signs up for Mindful Mondays, they will meet each Friday to sign classes up for a time slot on Monday mornings where they will have the opportunity to learn and then teach other classes mindfulness practices such as breathing excercises, calming and focusing tools, yoga, meditations, how to walk the labyrinth, notice the moment and beauty around them. If your child is K-2, they will still be part of the learning. So be on the look out!

“Breathe in, pretend you are smelling a flower”🌸

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