Literacy: FWISD 100×25


(Reading is pretty important, right?)

Parents of Alice Carlson are planning an annual event to support FWISD 100×25 reading initiative. **

Want to be involved?
Come find out how your family can help!
Wednesday, September 6th
Kindergarten Playground

Dr. Kent P. Scribner & the School Board created 100×25 that aims to have all FWISD 3rd graders reading at grade level by the year 2025.

** We have seen our superintendent and school board support Alice Carlson and the applied learning program so now it is our time to show them our support.**

Why is reading so important:

  • Up until 3rd grade students are learning to read. Following 3rd grade students are reading to learn.
  • 75% of children who don’t read at a 3rd grade level fail to ever catch up.
  • Low economical support has a direct correlation to reading levels.
  • Literacy levels have an impact on future employment and economic growth in a community.