Welcome to Alice Carlson PTA

With Covid-19 still in full effect, this school year will be one our kids will look back on with varying memories and emotions. From virtual learning to drive-by events, it is important for us to document how amazing and resilient our students and teachers/staff have been during this pandemic. A yearbook filled with all the special moments during this school year is the perfect way to remember how important this school year is. Whether your child is doing virtual or in-person learning, please be sure to snap those candid photos so that our yearbook is filled with memories of each student. Any photos you have, from google meets, dress-up days, school events, lunch outside at school, and classroom learning time, etc, can be emailed to acalcyearbook@gmail.com.

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Our school is unique and our teachers have specific supplies for applied learning that they request for their classrooms each school year, therefore, the PTA purchases ALL the school supplies for each classroom and only charges parents per student. we ask that families purchase supplies through the PTA.
The fee of $40 per student does not actually cover the cost of supplies. The PTA absorbs the difference in price. This year, we do not anticipate that we will be able to get the back to school deals that we have in the past even in purchasing in bulk. So, although we raised the budget for school supplies, we do recognize that since all purchasing will be done online, we may be spending that entire budget, if not more. We are NOT raising the school supply fee this year due to COVID-19 effects on family income.
We are trying to be smart with the funds the PTA has designated for purchasing school supplies. We are online shopping, but waiting to find out what school will look like this year. We plan to get with the teachers once the opening of school plan is in place and get those essential supplies. Teachers will also be able to let the PTA know of additional supplies that may be needed as the year progresses, as we have done in the past.


Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center is a school of choice. The applied learning approach encourages children to be independent learners while working as members of a team to apply classroom learning to new situations. In addition to team work, an applied learning education emphasizes:

  • Communication skills, especially writing
  • Awareness of positive complex behavior such as problem-solving

Applied Learning students work with businesses and organizations outside the classrooms to complete hands-on, real-world, child-centered projects within authentic learning situations.

Carlson’s enrichment program provides opportunities for students to study areas of particular interest, participate in fine arts, and provide volunteer service to the school and community. Students also receive instruction by certified specialists in music, art, computers, and physical education.

The school-wide discipline model is based on positive discipline and peer mediation that encourages student responsibility.

Other highlights include:

  • Assessment system that utilizes nationally benchmarked standards, rubrics and criteria charts, parent-child-teacher conferences, and portfolio presentations
  • Partnerships with the Fort Worth Zoo, Texas Christian University, REAL School Gardens, University Baptist Church, and Texas Master Gardeners
  • Computer lab and laptop computer cart for student use
  • Outdoor Learning Environment for science observations, projects, and experiments

At Alice Carlson, our teachers have a unique set of school supplies they need throughout the year. We do not use the FWISD supply list. We ask that all families please purchase school supplies through the PTA. School Supplies will cost $40 per student. You can pay online through our website. Classes with 100% participation will be eligible for a free ice cream party!  Thank you for supporting our school and teachers! Special thanks to our school supply committee who make sure our dollars go as far as possible and that our teachers get what they needed for the year.

Please mark your calendars for upcoming family meeting nights. These meetings are an opportunity to get to know your child’s teacher, meet other parents, learn about school routines, ask questions and learn homework expectations, as well as, hear more about and join the very active PTA!

Alice Carlson would like to encourage us all to be up at school as much as possible. Stop by for lunch or for recess; make copies for your child’s teacher, say yes to volunteering and being involved. We are all so busy, but our kids, our school, and our families all benefit from all our efforts. Any help is a big help!

On behalf of your PTA Board, we’d like thank all who make our school a wonderful learning community.  Be sure to sign up for the electronic newsletter, The Carlson Weekly. You can find the signup using the form in our sidebar. We look forward to partnering with and supporting our Alice Carlson parents, teachers and students during this school year.